Number: 4403

Corporate vacation in Carpathians

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

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The best proposition for corporate vacation in Carpathians! Transcarpathian gastronomy, little-known nooks in Carpathians and a lot of activities! That's you need for good team-building!

PRICE will calcualted personallity for each group.


Programm of trip:

DAY 1:

Arrive to Mukachevo. Breakfast.

First stage of gastronomy quest "How to cook true Hungarian bograch". Transfer to famous Mukachevo's market and purchase all needle ingredients.

After - excursion to only one farm of edible snails. Degustation of a snails.

Lunch in famous restoran "Kolyba Opryshkiv"

Transfer to nation nature park "Simevir". Check-in to hotel.

Second stage gastronomy quest "How to cook true Hungarian bograch". Master cooking class.


DAY 2:


Hiking to mistery lake "Ozirtse". In the road to lake - excursion to unique museum of alloy of the forest and walking to ecology forest path.

Picnic near the lake.

Excursion to the remains of the fortifications of the Arpad Line.

Transfer to Kolochava village.

Dinner into famous restourant "Chetnistka Stanysta". Degustation of the local dish - riplyanka.

Traditional mountain SPA - relax into hot barrel with mineral water.

Return to hotel.


DAY 3:


Excursion to legendary lake "Sivenir".

Check-out from hotel. Transfer to Bushtino town.

Lunch in unique farm of a trout  and a sturgeon.

Relax in thermal pools in the complex "Tepli Vody" in Velatyno village.

Transfer to Mukachevo. Dinner.